Body and Sole ServicesSwedish Massage:

$60 - 30 min / $250 - 5/30 min | $75 - 45 min | $90 - 60 min / $400 - 5/60 min | $120 - 90 min / $550 - 5/90 min

Specialty Techniques / Deep Tissue:

$70 - 30 min / $300 - 5/30 min | $85 - 45 min | $100 - 60 min / $450 - 5/60 min | $130 - 90 min / $600 - 5/90 min | $170 - 2 hours

5 massage packages above reflect $25 off for parking plus a $25 discount.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is an excellent choice for your relaxation. Be nurtured with flowing styles of massage: gliding, kneading, rhythmic tapping, and cross fiber friction. This massage is known for reducing pain and joint stiffness, and for increasing circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular Therapy involves the use of slow, deep, gliding pressure along the length of the muscle fibers. This kind of massage therapy employs techniques including compression, cross-fiber friction, direct pressure, friction, and manual stretching to treat "trigger points". A trigger point is a hyperirritable muscle tissue that refers pain, and is often associated with sports injuries or repetitive use of specific muscle groups.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage reduces pains, aches, and swelling in the mom to be. Enjoy a Swedish massage tailored to each trimester of your pregnancy. Be nurtured and cared for while you are preparing for motherhood. You are worth it! Must be at least 12 weeks pregnant.

Myofascial Session

The Myofascial Session is offered in 90 minute increments and a 3 session series is also offer. The series is: Series 1 - front of body, Series 2 - back of body, Series 3 - side lying. Each session in the series will be 90 minutes, each session needs to have no more than one week between each series. You have the option to select one 90 minute session or the series of three sessions. Myofascial session: Deep stretching will be applied to the fascia / connective tissue found throughout the body. Fascia covers muscles, bones, joints, and essentially all organs. Goal: Loosening and freeing up the fascial tissue. This is a dry session. No lotion is applied. Important note: Please wear shorts and (if female) a sports bra to the session(s).

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic massage decongests tissues of the body and aids body in removing metabolic wastes (toxins). It also promotes healing and  fluid movement. Lymphatic drainage massage is great for many things, such as: Pain relief and/or reduction, help with scarring, boosts immune system, bronchitis, fatigue, fibromyalgia, lymphedema, autoimmune disorders, depression, stress, allergies, issues with nose throat and ears, can  reduce headaches and migraines,  and. help vertigo, etc.

Many that have liposuction are recommended to receive lymphatic drainage massage as well as other post surgical procedures.

When not to get lymphatic massage:  If you have Copd, chronic kidney issues, or blood clots.

Try a lymphatic massage today to aid in detoxifying your body, plus much more.

Connective Tissue Massage

Connective Tissue Massage is a wonderful solution for those individuals in pain, CTM releases restrictions in your body. This technique is extremely effective. Some of the benefits of connective tissue massage: relief from pain and tension, increases mobility and flexibility, improves circulation, improves posture, extremely relaxing and peaceful.

Connective Tissue Massage can be selected for your entire session or blended in to other types of massage. Work is slow, so choose one to two areas of focus for your session.

Connective tissue is the soft tissue that surrounds and connects all structures in the body. Fascia (ct) is a sheath of connective tissue which supports and protects the muscular and skeletal systems. Trauma, injury or stress restricts the fascia causing imbalance. Ct may be shortened or tense which can also cause you to feel muscular tension. When ct is shortened, it prevents your body from being able to fully to relax. CTM aims to restore length and flexibility to bound areas in your body also can restore tissues to give health to fascia. This work is non lubricated. It feels great and is extremely relaxing. movements are slow ( 2 minute holds in selected areas of body) focused, intended to lengthen. This work may feel intense but should never be painful. You may choose to explore more about connective tissue in a google search.

Chair Massage

Chair massage may be a great for you in the middle of work your work day. Stop in for a minimum of 10 minutes and maximum of 30 minutes. Relax, stay clothed and gain relief from tension and soreness. Chair massage is a dollar a minute. I am pleased to present chair massage for my clients who are seeking massage in the middle of a busy work day. Please schedule this service online or call for your appointment to relax today. Chair massage at my new location will be done as a clothed massage on my table.

On site Chair massage is also a service that is provided. Relaxation and pain reduction are delivered to your office, school, or event.. Call 615-438-7477 for more information.
*$65.00 per hour ( 2 hour minimum)