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Located conveniently, in the heart of Downtown Nashville. Step into the world of relaxation and pain reduction provided by owner Julie Lowery, Lmt. Techniques used at Body and Sole are created with your individual needs in mind. Massage therapy will assist your body in its natural healing ability. Each session gives you a healthy, caring touch that every~body needs. I am devoted to relieving your pain and stress! Healthy touch is an essential element of life. Choose from a variety of styles, suited for you. I am dedicated to your natural care. Be nurtured.~~~

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Weekly Massage

Commit to your self care with a weekly recurring appointment. Your rate will be discounted by $5 from the current hourly rates. You will be set up with a weekly recurring appointment, of your time choice. You can prepay or pay per visit.

Get single sessions of Lypossage, to try out.

Keep in mind the benefits are seen when done in a series, although you will also receive some of the benefits when done in a single session.

30 minute session Zone 1: Cellulite area: lower abdomen, legs, and gluteals/ price is $75 per session

30 minute session Zone 2: Decollette, mid and upper back, neck and arms/ price $75 per session

30 minute session Zone 3: Face, head and neck, (known as the natural face lift) price $75 per session

You can also try a 60 minute session for $150 or a 90 minute session for $225


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Learn More about Lymphatic Massage!

Boost your immune system with a Lymphatic Massage

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A body contouring technique

  • Sculpts areas/Zones of the body
  • Reduces and minimizes appearance of cellulite
  • Lypossage is a natural alternative to cosmetic surgery(liposuction, face and breast lifts)
  • This technique is body contouring based on research using lymphatic and myofascial techniques to decongest connective tissue of the body.
  • Benefits:Decreases and smooths appearance of cellulite
  • Lose of inches and clothing size
  • Tones
  • All natural
  • Non invasive
  • Inexpensive compared to cosmetic surgeries
  • Measurable results
  • Cleansing and detoxifying
  • Reduces lumps,bumps, dimpling and bulges (from cellulite)
  • Tones, lifts, and firms areas (zones) of body
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LypossageLypossage is a specified blend of techniques, including lymphatic drainage and myofascial massage...read more



Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Great for detoxifying, allergy relief, help for sinus drainage, immune system booster and much more....read more

Myofascial Massage

Body and Sole Connective Tissue MassageDeep stretching will be applied to the fascia / connective tissue found throughout the body. ...read more