Lypossage is a specified blend of techniques, including lymphatic drainage and myofascial massage created by Charles W. Wiltsie.

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Cellulite is congested fatty tissue that is poorly circulated causing stagnant sluggish lymph flow. Visible cellulite can be caused by genetics, poor diet, and exercise habits, and hormones causing lymphatic flow restriction in these areas. Lypossage targets these areas, by increasing lymph and circulatory flow in these areas. Lypossage works by cleansing the body of stagnant and slowed lymph fluid that can create lumps, bumps, and dimpling appearance of cellulite. Lypossage tones, firms, and lifts saggy tissue.

Lypossage is performed in 3 different zones

  • Zone 1: Guteals (hips), Hamstrings, quadriceps, and lower abdomen
  • Expected outcome:
    • Dimension loss and postural improvements
    • Smoothes cellulite appearance, muscle tone improved, skin tone improvement, cleansed lymph system, improved circulation, promotes life and health.
  • Zone 2: upper abdomen, back, decollete (neck and chest area) and arms
  • Expected outcome:
    • Enhanced lift to the chest by improved posture, loss of dimension in arms and abs,  toned and firmer breast area, detoxification and removal of impurities from the body, improved circulation.
  • Zone 3 Head, Neck, and face
  • Expected outcome:
    • Provides a dramatic lift and tones sagging tissue of face and neck. Can reduce wrinkles and improves tone of skin.
    • This is a wonderful natural face lift for you.
    • Zone 3 is my personal favorite. It is very relaxing and rejuvenating.

Lypossage is a safe alternative to surgery and is non invasive with no recovery time. It improves health and wellbeing and detoxes and cleanses the body. Lypossage is meant to be paired with a healthy lifestyle. These sessions increase energy and blood flow, While unclogging lymphatic system.

Lypossage is beneficial to those pre and post lipo (after recovery).

Sessions: 18 sessions 3 times a week is recommended. Each session per Zone is 30 minutes in length.

Pricing: $1350 per 18 30 minute sessions/per zone - or try a single session for $75 (per zone - 30 minutes each zone).

Please NOTE: When using online booking for Lypossage, please select "Lymphatic Massage" and leave a note in the appointment that it is for Lypossage.

  • Results expect to loose inches
  • Loose a dress size or 2
  • Tone appearance to zones chosen.

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